Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Families

Help your children and family thrive.

Child Therapy

I believe that children inherently desire to be happy and to get along well with others. When a child is having difficulties, it is because something is getting in the way. Whether the source is internal such as attention issues or external as in the case of a transition, I work with your child to identify the challenge, name the feelings that your child is experiencing, and provide strategies to help resolve or mitigate the difficulty. Through play therapy and gentle exploration, I help your child learn new ways of relating to self, family, and the environment. This guides your child to build a sense of mastery and greater self-esteem, which in turn increases resilience and joy.

Adolescent Therapy

The tween and teen years are a time of nearly constant change and transition on all levels – physical, emotional, and intellectual. As a result, many adolescents experience moments when life feels completely topsy-turvy. I provide a safe environment for your teen to explore these challenges and to form healthy responses that align with his or her unique character. When your teen’s views and self-expression are honored, it allows for them to build a foundation from which to navigate the ever-changing terrain of their environment with strength and confidence.

Family Therapy

At its best a family serves as a safe “home base” where family members feel listened to and supported by one another. When stressful events take a toll on the sense of harmony at home, family therapy may offer a way back. I love helping families rediscover their sense of deep connection and belonging with each other. I provide a safe place to discuss your family’s current challenges in an open and compassionate manner, and together we work to create more effective communication strategies and implement problem solving techniques that restore balance within your home.

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